Understanding and Implementing Principles of Accountancy

Less than 23 per cent of SMEs in the UAE have any kind of audited reports and accounts at all ? leaving them critically unaware of the true performance of their business and exposed to excessive financial risk. ?This Skills-Building Workshop tackles the basics of accounting procedures, setting out the essentials step by step and presenting all information in simple laymans language. ?It is fundamental training for all growing SMEs and will leave both executives and back room teams better-placed to run a profitable and successful enterprise.

8.30-9am Registration and welcome coffee
9-11.00am Training session (2hours)
11.00-11.15am Coffee Break
11.15-12.15pm Training Session (1hour)
12:15-12.30pm Session Close
1.30-3.30pm Training Session (2hours)
3.30-3.45pm Coffee Break
3.45-4.45pm Training Session (1hour)
4.45-5.00pm Session Close
5.00pm Closing refreshments
Session Details
Session by
ACCA, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Monday, October 5
Jumeirah Beach Hotel
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